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Top 3 Health Articles of the Week: July 19

Each week, our talented writers produce informative and thought-provoking content for our readers. Below, I’d like to highlight our Top 3 articles from last week. The articles listed below contain many helpful recommendations for healthy living in these strange and uncertain times. These include tips on stress relief, exercise, and natural wellness. Read on for what you may have missed.

3 Gluten-Free Baking Tips For Beginners

As much as I hate the label, paleo is the term that best encompasses my diet (minus the honey and maple syrup). So this means I avoid not only gluten-containing grains, but all grains. Like everyone else, though, I crave an occasional treat so I’ve become quite familiar with alternative flours like almond, coconut, and tapioca, among others. I also know—all too well—the challenges and limitations of working with them to recreate the kinds of muffins, cookies, and cakes I was used to eating before I became more health conscious.

There’s definitely a learning curve in gluten-free baking, and many folks throw in the towel when that first batch flops. Personally, I think it’s worth the commitment to avoid the bloating, gut irritation, and inflammation that gluten can trigger, and if you have celiac disease, then obviously you don’t have a choice. But I can understand why so many people are intimidated by the prospect of baking without wheat and the structure that gluten provides. Fortunately, our resident gluten-free expert, Haydee Vanegas, has spent the past seven years toiling away in her kitchen and she’s here with a few tips to help us avoid some of the most common pitfalls. If you’ve recently begun eating gluten-free and you aren’t a big fan of store-bought GF treats, try your hand at recreating your own. Start with Haydee’s informative article.

What Does Your Mouth Say About the Rest of Your Body?

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What do our teeth and gums say about us? Quite a bit, according to George White. He should know. As chairman of the department of Pediatric Dentistry at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine for more than 30 years, George transformed the field with his holistic approach to dental care. George has more letters after his name than I can fit on this page, but one of his degrees is in nutritional biochemistry (from MIT, no less). This background undoubtedly shaped his interest in treating the whole patient, a concept that considers one’s overall physical health, as well as psychological and emotional factors. This was largely unheard of at the time and George was one of its pioneers, having conducted extensive research in this area beyond the insight he gained working with patients. Well, George is ours now and in this article he shares the many ways in which the mouth can be a window to the rest of the body.

Word of the Week: Apigenin—What It Is and Why You Should Care

I’ve worked in this industry long enough to know that some people just want to be told what to do. I get it. The science behind healthy eating doesn’t interest everyone the way it does nutrition nerds like me. That’s why I’m highlighting this article: because even if you skim past the unfamiliar terms, you’ll walk away with a simple, specific action you can take right away to upgrade your health. More importantly, this type of article should make clear that food is complicated (in a good way) and that everyday items most of us have in the pantry or fridge can do some really exciting things on a cellular and metabolic level. Maybe that’s why so many pharmaceutical drugs are based on plant extracts.

I look forward to being educated and entertained by our dedicated writers each day. I hope you can share in that enjoyment as well, as you read (or re-read!) the articles I’ll be showcasing here every week.

Each of our writers has a genuine interest and passion for health and wellness. I urge you to read these articles to gain insight into today’s hottest topics, as well as how to implement and benefit from them.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to try a new exercise routine or mood-boosting technique. Perhaps you’ve been considering a dietary switch but aren’t sure where to start. Whatever your goal, our aim on this page is to share our love of healthy living and to be your partner in wellness, now and for many years to come.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters so you won’t miss an article. We invite you to explore each section of our evolving website and we hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as we enjoy delivering them to you.

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