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Top 3 Health Articles of the Week: July 12

Each week, our talented writers produce informative and thought-provoking content for our readers. Below, I’d like to highlight our Top 3 articles from last week. The articles listed below contain many helpful recommendations for healthy living in these strange and uncertain times. These include tips on stress relief, exercise, and natural wellness. Read on for what you may have missed.

Want to Transform Your Body? Try a HIIT Workout

A HIIT workout to transform your body: box jumps.
Photo Credit: Li Sun on Pexels

Even if you had an hour to spend on a treadmill, why would you want to? High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is all the rage these days, and for good reason: it flat out works! It works regardless of the goal. It works for leaning out. It works for building and maintaining muscle. It works for increasing endurance. And it even improves your lipid profile! The best part, though? It’s quick. What’s not to like about an activity that provides the benefits of an hour in just twenty minutes? Dozens of studies now support what we personal trainers have known for years. Short, intense bursts of activity—like those our Paleolithic ancestors engaged in—provide results that are equal to or superior to those of more traditional forms of exercise, like jogging.

In this article, Sarah Sabourin gives readers just the right amount of science to understand the why, before laying out the what. HIIT can be whatever you want it to be—sprints, plyometrics, battling ropes. Check out Sarah’s piece for inspiration. And if you’d prefer something more high-tech, head on over to Game Aroono to learn about an interactive exercise option.

Summer Adventure: A Beginner’s Guide to Fastpacking

A fastpack adventure awaits. 
Photo by @Christopher_Burns at

I consider myself a fitness nut, but I have to admit, I’d never heard of fastpacking until Dylan Tepper offered to write about it. Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, Dylan’s article will inspire you. He makes fastpacking more approachable and less intimidating, especially by highlighting its minimalist aspect. It’s the perfect activity for the situation many of us currently find ourselves in. Fastpacking is quarantine-friendly, allowing for ample social distancing. Had enough of lockdown? Aren’t comfortable heading back to the gym just yet? If you’re ready to hit the trails but need some gear, check out Dylan’s fastpack review here.

Living With Celiac Disease: What It’s Really Like

Living With Celiac Disease: What It’s Really Like
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas

I feel for anyone suffering from celiac disease. The daily fear of accidental exposure to gluten is challenging enough, but all too often they have to listen to misguided and insensitive comments (“a little bread won’t hurt, will it?“) from those who dismiss them as picky eaters. Though restaurants are more accommodating to allergy sufferers these days, I’ve witnessed waitstaff—on more than one occasion—roll their eyes and become impatient when asked basic questions about their menu from diners who identify themselves as having celiac disease. At least two of these incidents occurred at fine-dining establishments that had boasted of being gluten-free “friendly.” One was even certified by the Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP)!

Awareness of the condition is gradually increasing, but there are many myths still in circulation. For example, it’s often assumed that celiac disease only affects the GI tract. In her article, Haydee Vanegas puts that misconception to rest, while giving us a revealing look at the life of someone with celiac disease.

She takes us through her journey, from the physical suffering she endured as a child to that bittersweet moment when, after years of searching for answers, she received the diagnosis that would forever alter her life. Relieved to have some clarity, but overwhelmed by the sacrifices she knew were coming, Haydee adapted like the strongest among us always do. I’ll let Haydee describe the experience in her words, but if you’re like me, you’ll come away from her story convinced that the rest of us need to start taking celiac disease more seriously.

I look forward to being educated and entertained by our dedicated writers each day. I hope you can share in that enjoyment as well, as you read (or re-read!) the articles I’ll be showcasing here every week.

Each of our writers has a genuine interest and passion for health and wellness. I urge you to read these articles to gain insight into today’s hottest topics, as well as how to implement and benefit from them.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to try a new exercise routine or mood-boosting technique. Perhaps you’ve been considering a dietary switch but aren’t sure where to start. Whatever your goal, our aim on this page is to share our love of healthy living and to be your partner in wellness, now and for many years to come.

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